Global Solar Companies Guide

solarSolar industry is one of the fastest growing segment in the Greentech industry; and is a true global industry with major solar companies from North America, Europe and Asia. We have put together this first edition of Global Solar Companies Guide with over 700 solar industry related companies.

Highlights of this Guide

Over 700 solar industry related companies
Companies from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions
Diversified companies, from solar PV manufacturers and solar R&D, also solar technology investors

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1. Industry professionals working in the solar industry and looking for other strategic partners or technology partners.
2. Professionals seeking new career opportunities in the solar industry.
3. Solar products distributors for manufacturers for new products.
4. Sales professionals using our Guide to find sales leads into the fast growing solar industry.
5. Government agencies and research associations looking for information about companies in the solar industry.

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Company Name Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc
Street Address 8120 Shaffer Parkway Littleton, CO 80127
City Littleton
Zip Code / Post Code 80127
Country United States
Phone Number +1-303-2859885
Fax Number +1-303-2859882
Contact E-mail
Company Description Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. is a development-stage company formed to commercialize flexible photovoltaic (PV) modules using a technology. The Company’s manufacturing process deposits multiple layers of materials, including a thin film of copper-indium-gallium-diselenide (CIGS) semiconductor material, on a flexible, lightweight, plastic substrate and then laser patterns the layers to create interconnected PV cells, or PV modules, in a process known as monolithic integration. The thin-film PV modules require less than 1% of the semiconductor material to achieve the same power output as a c-Si-based PV device. Relevance: R&D, Solar PV, Manufacturer
Key Directors
Mohan S. Misra Ph.D. Chairman of the Board, Chief Strategy Officer
Farhad Moghadam Ph.D. President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Rafael Gutierrez Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing
Joseph C. McCabe Vice President – Business Development
Joseph Armstrong Ph.D. Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Company Name SunPower Corporation
Street Address 3939 North First Street
City San Jose
Zip Code / Post Code 95134
Country United States
Phone Number 1-408-2405500
Fax Number 1-408-7397713
Contact E-mail
Company Description SunPower Corporation is a vertically integrated solar products and services company that designs, manufactures and markets high-performance solar electric power technologies. The Company operates through two segments: components segment and systems segment. Its subsidiary is PowerLight Corporation, which developed, engineered, manufactured and delivered large-scale solar power systems. These activities are performed by its systems business segment, or systems segment. On January 8, 2008, the Company acquired Solar Solutions.Relevance: Solar Components & Materials, R&D
Key Directors
  • T. J. Rodgers – Chairman of the Board
  • Thomas H. Werner – Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • Richard M. Swanson – President, Chief Technology Officer
  • Dennis V. Arriola – Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Principal Financial and Accounting Officer
  • Howard J. Wenger – President – Global Business Units
Company Name Timminco Limited.
Street Address 25 Toronto Street, Suite 200
City Toronto
Zip Code / Post Code M5W 1G5
Country Canada
Phone Number 1-416-3645171
Fax Number 1-416-3643451
Contact E-mail
Company Description Timminco Limited (Timminco) is a Canada-based company. The Company produces solar grade silicon for the solar photovoltaic energy industry.Using its technology, Timminco purifies silicon metal into solar grade silicon (also known as upgraded metallurgical silicon) for use in the manufacture of solar cells. Timminco also produces silicon metal for use in a range of industrial applications serving the aluminum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive industries. In July 2009, the Company completed the divestiture of its magnesium business, with the closing of the merger of its remaining magnesium extrusion and specialty metals business with the magnesium operations of Winca Tech Limited to form Applied Magnesium International Limited. Relevance: Solar Components, Solar Cell, Manufacturing
Key Directors
  • Heinz C. Schimmelbusch – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert J. Dietrich – Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President – Finance
  • John Fenger – President
  • Rene Boisvert – President and Chief Executive Officer of Becancour Silicon
  • Inc. Peter A. M. Kalins – General Counsel, Corporate Secretary