ResearchWhitePaper.com is a global portal providing a wide range of research reports relating to Capital Raising, Venture Capital, CleanTech & Environmental, Biotechnology, regional specific and other industry specific capital providers. We are also launching our new series of export reports, marketing reports and a global “Career Guide” series for environmental professionals.

Our key reports include:

Industry Specific Capital Providers Guides

  • Global CleanTech & Environmental Capital Providers Guide
  • Global Mining & Resources Capital Providers Guide
  • Global Biotechnology Capital Providers Guide
  • Global Telecommunications Providers Guide

Country Specific Capital Providers Guides

  • Australian Capital Providers Guide
  • Canadian Capital Providers Guide
  • Indian Capital Providers Guide

Industry Job Guides and Reports

  • Global Green Jobs Guide & Directory
  • Australian Financial Services Job Guide & Directory

Real Estate Research Reports

  • Asia Pacific Real Estate Developers and Investors
  • European Real Estate Developers and Investors

Our Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services cover International Marketing Consultancy and Investor Relation Services, with global clients including major financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Macquarie Bank, ANZ, Glendale Securities, China Century Capital, and many public listed companies including: ASF Group, Ironfish, Running Fox Resources, Sirtex Medical, Helicon Group, Warwick Resources, Sapex Limited and many more.