110 Capital Raising Strategies Guide

Capital Raising Strategies GuideThis is a Guide compiled by our analysts combining their ideas, strategies and experience relating to Capital Raising. This includes a very extensive amount of information that are relevant to entrepreneurs, start-up companies, corporate advisors, investor relations professionals, financial professionals. No matter if you are an experienced financial professional or a young entrepreneur, we are sure there is something for everyone in this Guide.

Sample Strategies & Useful Information

  • Understand the basic terms used in Venture Capital
  • Understand Valuation Methodologies
  • Social Media and Capital Raising
  • Different Ways and Sources for Venture Capital
  • Lease Financing
  • Angel Investors
  • International Venture Capital Destinations

Top 5 Reasons to use this Guide

1. You are an Entrepreneur and wishes to explore ways and strategies to raise capital for your venture
2. You are running a start-up company and seeking expansion capital
3. Companies that are looking for strategies to promote their company and investment opportunities to international markets
4. Executives looking for funding ideas
5. Investment Professionals looking for capital raising ideas

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Comments on this Report

“I am starting up a new IT company, and have found this Guide very useful relating to my preparation of Business Plan” Andrew Moss
“I am a financial advisor and already know many strategies, but this Guide is still useful for me to find many strategies that I have never thought of in the past” Arjun Kupta
“A very useful Guide for me to identify investment ideas and as a Check-list for me to go through the valuation and fundamental analysis” Trish McKinnon
“Very useful guide, I especially like the section about different “venture capital destinations” Sharon Chong