Brokerage, Investing & Venture Capital Guides is a global resource providing a range of research reports relating to Securities Brokerage, Investing, and Venture Capital. We focus on financial markets for clean-tech and environmental companies, biotechnology stocks, industry and region specific capital providers, and we also offer career guide services and research tools for financial investment professionals.

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American Venture Capital Employers Database

American Venture Capital Employers Database is a useful database for professionals interesting in pursuing career opportunities in the venture capital and private equity industry. This database is formatted with key decision maker, contact details of these prospective employers. This will make your job seeking process much more easier. Special Price: US$30.50

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Greater China Capital Providers Guide

This is our guide containing venture capital and private equity investment firms from Greater China regions; including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia where there are large Chinese speaking populations. Investment institutions from these markets are among the fastest growing regions in the world, with increasing funds available for investments. Special Price: US$77.50

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Asia Pacific Capital Providers Guide

Asia Pacific is a fast emerging market for capital. In this guide, we have compiled a large number of venture capital and private equity firms from the Asia Pacific region. Special Price: US$88.50

Australian Capital Providers Guide

Our Australian Capital Providers Guide includes more than 120 venture capital, private equity providers and corporate advisory firms that invest in Australian opportunities.It is a useful guide for Australian and New Zealand businesses seeking funding in Australia. Special Price: US$59.00

UK Capital Providers Guide

Our UK Capital Providers Guide is a useful guide assisting professionals seeking to raise capital from UK based investment institutions including: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Debt Financier, Project Financiers, as well as corporate advisory firms based in UK. Special Price: US$78.50

Traditional Business Investors Guide

Venture Capital is not just about technology companies; many investment firms do participate in traditional businesses. This database contains venture capital firms that support ideas in the retail, industrial, manufacturing, commercial services and other traditional businesses. Special Price: US$60.50

Global Green Investors Guide

Global Green Investors Guide is our latest Capital Raising Guide dedicated to the fast growing green industries (Greentech, Cleantech, Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy).

This new edition contains over 1,000 companies that invest in Green related industries globally.

Special Price: US$98.50

Global New Media Capital Providers Guide

This is ResearchWhitePaper’s new addition to Capital Providers Guide series. The New Media Capital Providers Guide contains a full list of investment institutions that invest in Media related assets and businesses.Special Price: US$77.90

American Telecommunications Capital Providers Guide

Our American Telecommunications Capital Providers Guide is an essential database for telecommunications companies seeking investments. This includes Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity and telecommunications affiliated investment firms. Special Price: US$70 .

Global Telecommunications Capital Providers Guide

Our Global Telecommunications Capital Providers Guide is our new Investment Guide dedicated to the fast growing telecommunications industry. The investors listed in this database invest in a wide range of opportunities both in communications & wireless. We have included over 800 investment institutions in this report from Asia, Americas and European regions. These investors include angel investors, seed investors, mid-market to very large size investors. This report is useful for start-up companies, corporate advisors, telco infrastructure and wireless applications developers. Special Price: US$100 .

Global Biotechnology Capital Providers Guide

This is one of our top selling capital providers guides with over 900 global investment firms listed in this guide. This reports contains investment firms that invest in biotechnology, life science, medical devices, e-health, diagnostics and other medical-related industies globally.Special Price: US$99.00

American Medical Investors Guide

This Capital Providers Guide provides information on institutions investing in Biotechnology, Life Science, E-Health, Medical Devices and other healthcare related industries. Available both in PDF and Excel Format. .Special Price: US$74.50

Canadian Capital Providers Guide

This is our latest edition of Canadian Capital Providers Guide. It contains over 450 investment firms that invest in Canadian opportunities, it also includes over 2,000 key contacts from these investment firms. The guide is a useful guide if you are interested in contacting Canadian Venture Capital Investors, Private Equity Investors, Angel Investors, Corporate Advisors, Debt Financiers and others. Special Price: US$69.50

Global Natural Resources Investors Guide

This is our latest investors guide – this covers institutions and strategic investors that are active in natural resources opportunities. These include institutions that invest in mining, oil and gas sectors. The 2nd file contains strategic investors such as steel companies, and mining companies that are actively investing in new projects or investing in other mining companies. Special Price: US$97.50

110 Capital Raising Strategies Guide

This is a Guide compiled by our analysts combining their ideas, strategies and experience relating to Capital Raising. This includes a very extensive amount of information that are relevant to entrepreneurs, start-up companies, corporate advisors, investor relations professionals, financial professionals. No matter if you are an experienced financial professional or a young entrepreneur, we are sure there is something for everyone in this Guide.Special Price: US$29.90


Global Solar Companies Guide

Solar industry is one of the fastest growing segment in the Greentech industry; and is a true global industry with major solar companies from North America, Europe and Asia. We have put together this first edition of Global Solar Companies Guide with over 350 solar industry related companies.Special Price: US$69.90

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USA Environmental Engineering Companies Guide

This is our companies guide researching into the leading environmental engineering companies. We have included approximately 200 companies in this Guide, these include top diversified engineering firms which provide environmental engineering services; major engineering firms that design & construct large scale water & waste management infrastructure, environmental engineering services firms specialize in water management, energy management; or highly specialized environmental companies such as air quality management & consultancy or nuclear energy management and storage companies. Special Price: US$59.90


Global Real Estate Investors Guide

Global Real Estate Investors Guide is our report specifically designed for companies seeking for capital relating to real estate developments, expansion, acquisitions.

This Guide contains 2 parts:

(1) Global Property Companies which include major real estate companies in American region, Europe and Asia Pacific

(2) Financial Institutions that provide funding to real estate projects. The guide includes company description, key contact people, contact details.

Special Price: US$104.90

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ASX Listed Companies Database

This is a complete database covering all the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed companies. ASX is one of the major stock exchanges in the world with over 2,000 companies listed on this exchange. Special Price: US$99.80.

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Global Medical Devices Companies Guide

Our Global Medical Devices Companies Guide contains hundreds of medical devices companies worldwide, this includes imaging, diagnostics, treatment, e-health, lifestyle and monitoring companies. Special Price: US$76.00 .

Top Chinese Steel Companies Guide

Chinese Steel Companies are active investors and partners in the mining & natural resources sectors worldwide at moment. This report includes 100 Chinese steel companies that have been participating in investing in mining sectors. Special Price: US$50 .

Global Mining & Metals Companies Guide

This is our global mining & metals companies guide covering over 3,200 companies in the mining activities, separately, we have also included 600+ metals companies such as steel companies, commodities trading companies from different regions.

The companies covered in this guide include those from Americas (North & South), Australia, Europe, Asia. Special Price: US$108.90 .

Global Utilities Companies Guide

This is our latest addition to our industry reports. Many utilities companies are also major investors and financers in the global greentech and renewable industry; as well as strategic customers or partners. This guide covers over 800 global utilities companies (water, power, utilities technologies and utilities investments). Special Price: US$72.50 .

Global Gold Companies Guide

Over 1,000 Gold Companies worldwide. This is a guide with over 1,000 gold exploration, production & related companies worldwide. The companies covered in this guide includes those from Americas (North & South), Australia, Europe, Asia. It provides company & contact information of each company. Special Price: US$72.50 .

American Oil & Gas Companies Guide

This is our company guide covering the over 700 oil & gas related companies based in American region (Canada, United States, Latin America). This guide includes oil producers, oil exploration companies, gas exploration & producers, some oil & gas drilling & engineering services companies as well as distributors and refineries. This is a useful guide for those interested in pursuing their career opportunities in the oil & gas sectors; sales professionals seeking business opportunities in the oil & gas sectors; or consulting / engineering firms looking to offer their services or equipment into oil & gas sectors. Special Price: US$99.50 .

Australian Mining Companies Guide

This is our latest mining companies guide, it providers access to over 700 Australian mining companies in the base metals, oil, gas, precious metals industries. The report includes contact details, key directors and brief company description. .Special Price: US$67.90 .

Canadian Mining Companies Guide

Our Canadian Mining Companies Guide is a new report tailored for professionals interested in Canadian mining, energy, natural resources industries. This is our first edition with over 1000 Canadian mining related companies identified.Special Price: US$75.90 .

Global Oil & Gas Companies Guide

1500+ Oil & Gas Companies Globally. This is our complete guide covering over 1500 oil & gas companies globally, the companies are segmented into 3 main regions: Americas, Europe & Asia Pacific (including Australia).These include oil & gas exploration companies, oil & gas producers; oil & gas drilling, exploration activities; and those provide engineering & technical expertise in oil & gas industries; some services related companies are also included. Details include company profile, contact details and key people.Special Price: US$102.50.