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Active Telecommunications Venture Capital Firms

Active Telecommunications Venture Capital Investors

As mentioned, telecommunications is a fast growing sector worldwide, and there has not been a decline in venture capital investments pouring into these sectors, here are some more companies that are active in investing in the telecom sectors.

Telecommunications Development Fund (TDF)

TDF is an $80 million early stage venture capital fund focused on the Communications sector.†

TDFís focus is driven by investment themes that share several qualities: large and important problems in communications, an ability to add value through managementís investing and operational experience, and the Fundís location and relationships in Washington, DC.†

While TDF is stage agnostic, half of the Fundís investments to date are in seed and pre-revenue companies. The company invests in opportunities throughout North America but is an active investor.†

Telus Ventures (Canada, Global Investor)

TELUS, the largest telecommunications company in Western Canada and second largest in Canada. TELUS Ventures is the attached investment arm to TELUS, in addition to the TELUS Ventures; TELUS also has its own innovation R&D centres and programs to support new innovations.†

Its portfolio are most related to telecommunications related companies, including: ClairMail, which offers mobile banking and payments applications that utilize a phone's existing messaging system, Jamcracker, which provides Unified Cloud Services Delivery Platform, and has customers including TELUS and CA. It also invests in billing systems, security systems also other telecommunications services providers.†

Globespan Capital Partners

Globespan Capital Partners is a venture capital firm focusing on information technology investments. It will consider investments in companies engaged in the following sectors: communications, software, Internet infrastructure, and storage and systems peripherals.†

The firm prefers to invest in businesses located in the United States and Japan.†It invests in all stages of a company with an initial investment ranging between $4 million and $6 million.†

Globespan Capital Partners has office locations in Boston, Massachusetts; Palo Alto, California; and Tokyo, Japan. It also brings international business development as part of its active investment process.

Some its portfolio (exited & current) includes: Sentinet Networks, AmoBee, Overture Networks.

Looking for investors for your telecommunications project? Please visit our website for our Global Telecommunications Capital Providers Guide.†

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