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Click on BUY NOW (Orange Shopping Cart Button) and it should take you to the above page. This will display the Shopping Cart showing the report you are buying and the quantity.

Click on Go to Check Out when ready

Sign In Page / Registration Page
You will then required to enter your customer and billing information. Please complete this page including login details.

Why do I need to register my login details?
By registering your login details, you can login back to the website to download the report in case you experience a connection interruption during the download. You can also login back and check what reports you have purchased.

I don't want to go through the registration process, what should I do?
If you don't want to go through the registration process, we can process your request manually. Please contact us and we will send you an invoice manually.

Payment Information
The next step is the Payment Information page - please confirm your billing address is correct.

Please fill in this section under Special Instructions or Other Comments - for instance, you may want the report in Excel format, or maybe you want the invoice made to a different company.

Order Confirmation

Please check and make sure everything is correct in the Order Information page, please check on the product and the price. Click on Confirm the Order to go to next step.


This will then take you to the PayPal page directly - please login in your PayPal details - PayPal will process the transactions. A copy of transaction receipt will be sent to your e-mail address by PayPal automatically.

Download The Report

This page will appear once the transaction is approved and cleared. PayPal is normally instant approval - however, if you use eCheque as the type of payment on PayPal, this will take 3 to 5 working days - once the payment is cleared, a link will be provided.

Login in and re-download your report

In case you have accidentally logged out or if you need to re-download the document - please use the login function on the top right corner - type in your e-mail address and password .
. Click on My Accounts
. Click on View on your purchase
This will take you to the page above where you are able to download the report again.

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