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Global Medical Devices Companies Guide

Global Medical Devices Companies Guide

About This Guide

Our Global Medical Devices Companies Guide contains hundreds of medical devices companies worldwide, this includes imaging, diagnostics, treatment, e-health, lifestyle and monitoring companies.

This is a useful database for those interested to find out more information about the booming medical devices industry.

Users of this database include biotechnology professionals, research organizations, sales professionals, exhibition companies and executive recruiting specialists.

Highlights of this report

Hundreds of medical devices companies in Asia, Americas and Europe
Diversified types of companies included ranging from emerging companies to multinational conglomerates
Inclusion of key directors and personnel for each company
Available in Excel and Word format

Reasons To Use This Report

1. Exhibition companies looking for sales leads in the medical devices and healthcare sector
2. Recruitment specialists looking for leads in the medical industry
3. Sales and marketing professionals in the medical industries
4. Directors of other medical companies looking for strategic alliances or partners
5. Import and export companies looking for products in the medical devices industry



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